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Corporate Housing: What Is It and Who Uses It?

If you are planning a work trip for an extended period in an unfamiliar location, corporate housing can help you feel at home. This housing option can be fully furnished and serviced for your convenience. Corporate houses can be in the form of apartments and single-family homes within neighborhoods connecting you to the local culture. Here are a few clients who can benefit from this housing option:

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing provides homes for their business partners when traveling. They may be spacious one-bedroom to three-bedroom homes. You’ll get a fully furnished and serviced home offering a range of amenities such as swimming pools and controlled-access buildings. Stays in a corporate house may range between two to four months. This is a relatively cost-effective option compared to hotels. 

Who Uses Corporate Housing

Several different types of clients typically use these types of rentals. Whether for business, pleasure, or service, they provide a space where travelers can feel more at home. Here are a few groups that use this type of housing:

Business Travelers

Business travelers use corporate homes when working with remote clients or starting a project in a field location. Government employees completing long assignments can use corporate houses that accommodate extended stays. There are flexible lease payment options available for those who plan to stay for an unknown length of time.

Personnel on Military Assignment

Military personnel on temporary assignment or special training may use corporate housing to complete local assignments or adapt to local terrain. They may lease homes near their training camps or places they are assigned to operate in. Companies that provide housing have listings in several locations that enhance availability and convenience for military personnel. 


Interns that belong to organizations may prefer corporate homes because they are required to work there for a temporary period. Corporate home providers offering flexible lease payment solutions may adequately complement the brief stay. They can avoid incurring the costs of utilities, houseware, Wi-Fi, and furniture that can be provided in corporate houses. 


Adventurers planning on an extended stay may opt for corporate apartments. The housing option may be more economical compared to staying in a hotel. Those who desire the local experience may prefer corporate homes within localities or close to parks with events and concerts.

Visiting Friends and Family

Visiting friends and relatives with your family may require a relatively large space. These houses can offer a spacious furnished apartment with everything you and your family may need during your stay. The amenities offered can provide entertainment or recreation as well. 

Try Corporate Housing for a Rich and Comfortable Local Experience

A corporate house is a flexible option for temporary stays. They can be fully furnished and serviced and have various amenities to enhance the client’s convenience. Their proximity to neighborhoods, shopping, and recreation offers clients an experience of the local culture. Solutions of corporate homes are suitable for business travelers, interns, adventurers, and visiting family and friends. Corporate house providers offer a greater variety of amenities and flexible lease payment options. Try corporate housing today for a local experience, increased convenience, and comfort.

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