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5 Common AC Repair and Replacements

Prompt repairs and regular servicing help maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning system during hot months. Continuous use makes the system susceptible to issues that lower its efficacy, raising energy costs. Here are five frequent AC repairs and replacements to help maintain your home’s comfort:

Air Filter Replacement

An air conditioning system’s effectiveness and your indoor air quality depend on the system’s air filter. Continuous buildup of small particles like dust and dirt in the filter restricts airflow, making cooling more difficult. A blocked filter strains the system, reducing efficiency and increasing energy usage. Your AC repair technician will check and replace your air filter and advise on replacement frequency based on usage.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is a substance that keeps the air in your air conditioning system cool. Your refrigerant could be leaking if you observe decreased cooling capability or ice accumulation on the evaporator coils. Leaks lower the amount of refrigerant in your system. Your air conditioner will not cool your home if the refrigerant runs out or is insufficient.

Finding leaks is challenging, so you need professional help to handle the situation. Skilled HVAC specialists know how to locate and fix leaks. Depending on the system’s operating temperatures for maximum efficacy, they will also add the appropriate amount of refrigerant.

Fan And Blower Repair or Replacement

There are two fans in an air conditioner: the evaporator and the condenser fan. Your system’s condenser fan, which is housed in the exterior unit, aids in removing heat. The interior blower or evaporator fan forces the cool air into the ductwork. Fans may experience belts, motors, and bent or loose blade issues.

The fan inside the exterior unit of your AC is very accessible. When it malfunctions, an expert takes out a few screws, fixes the fan, and puts everything back together. They will replace the fan’s capacitor, too, when necessary. If the interior unit of your AC blower motor fails, the repair will be more complex and need more time.

Thermostat Calibration or Replacement

A thermostat adjusts the room’s temperatures according to your preferences. Faulty temperature readings or calibration problems might cause ineffective cooling and discomfort. Temperature differences between the room’s temperature and the thermostat settings could indicate a calibration issue. Changing an old or broken thermostat to a programmed or smart one can improve Energy efficiency and comfort.

Capacitor Replacement

These small electronic components store and deliver power to the main AC unit components. The capacitors let parts like the compressor and fan run at maximum capacity without stressing your home’s wiring. If a problem arises with the capacitor, your device will not start. An AC technician removes the blown capacitor and replaces it with a new one to turn on your system.

Contact A Professional AC Repair Company Today

Regular maintenance and prompt AC repair are necessary for optimum performance, energy efficiency, and indoor comfort. Contact an HVAC specialist immediately to handle any replacement or repair needs and prevent future expensive repairs. Experts can assist in maintaining the proper operation of your air conditioning system all year round.

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