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4 Ways To Upgrade Your Self Storage Business

If you want to increase revenue and attract more customers, you need to upgrade your self-storage business. Upgrading also improves the safety and security of your customers’ items. Here are four ways self storage property management can upgrade a self-storage business. 

1. Upgrade Facilities 

If there are units or common spaces that are worn out, dented, or have outdated paint, renovate them. Your self storage property management should also repaint the storage facility, add modern doors, and install upgraded lighting fixtures. If your storage facility has common areas such as bathrooms, lobbies, and hallways, add the necessary amenities. Install comfortable chairs, put information on screens on the walls, and add vending machines to enhance customer experience. Since some of your customers want to store items that are susceptible to humidity and temperature changes, introduce climate control storage. This upgrade will help people who want to store delicate items like artwork and electronics.

2. Use Self-Storage Technology 

Self–storage technology allows your customers to view, rent, and pay for their storage units online. Self storage units also have around the clock security surveillance to deter thieves. If a customer wants to access and manage their storage spaces, they should be able to do so via mobile apps. Some self-storage units have smart unit technology with sensors to know when a person enters a unit. Whenever an unauthorized person accesses a storage unit, the smart technology sends notifications to the manager and the tenant of that storage unit. 

3. Provide Value-added Services 

Whenever a customer wants to package their belongings, they should be able to buy packaging supplies like packing tape and bubble wrap from you. You can also provide moving services to help customers transport their items to and from the storage units. If a customer wants to receive or send packages, your business can do that for them as an additional service. 

Document shredding is another service that increases the revenue streams of your storage unit. Customers should also have the option of customizing their storage unit as they wish. The customer can install lighting and shelves to improve their storage experience. If there is a customer who needs to access the unit outside the working hours, they can do so for an additional fee. Give customers the option to get maintenance and cleaning services for specific items when moving in or after clearing out.

4. Make the Facility Eco-friendly 

If your facility is environmentally friendly, it can attract eco-conscious customers. Some of the things you can do include installing energy-efficient lighting and solar panels to reduce the facility’s energy usage. Conserve water by using low-flow toilets and other similar fixtures. If you want customers to take part in recycling, place recycling bins at various points at your facility. Whenever you renovate the storage unit, use recycled or sustainable materials and install proper insulation to reduce energy wastage. 

Enhance Your Self Storage Property Management 

A few inexpensive upgrades to your storage unit can increase your revenue and attract more customers. A good strategy is to work with a professional company that has experience in managing storage units. Find a partner that is honest and has good pricing rates.

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