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4 Ways to Help Your Trees Grow Healthy Foliage

The trees in your yard provide shade and enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Trees require special tree maintenance to thrive, but they are often neglected due to their low-maintenance needs. One of the indicators of healthy trees is lush, green foliage. Employing tree services will assist you in handling your tree maintenance requirements as you work to keep your trees healthy. Here are four services provided by tree care professionals that help your trees grow healthy foliage:


Pruning involves removing thinning, diseased, and overgrown branches to maintain tree structure and promote healthy growth. Younger trees need to be pruned more often than older trees, as their structure is still forming. This allows arborists to correct growth issues before they progress. Schedule tree pruning during the dormant seasons, typically in winter and early spring, to avoid interfering with new growth. Tree doctors at companies providing professional tree services will help you determine whether a tree needs pruning by observing its growth. 


Organic mulches such as compost, shredded bark, or pine straw help keep the soil surrounding your trees cool, preventing moisture loss. Moisture preservation is particularly beneficial during hotter seasons as it helps your trees remain hydrated. Mulch sometimes interferes with weed germination and protects trees against soil erosion. A tree care professional knows the right amount and the size of the area over which to spread mulch around your trees to cover the roots adequately. 


Trees need nutrients to grow, and the nutrients they absorb from the soil is often not enough to support their growth. Fertilizers provide trees with the nutrients they are unable to get from the soil. Certified arborists test the soil to determine nutrient deficiencies. This helps them determine which fertilizers to use on your trees. These tree care professionals assess your trees’ health to determine which ones need fertilizers and which ones do not.

If your trees have yellowing foliage and are growing poorly, they will need fertilizer. The best time to apply fertilizer is at the beginning of spring when there is enough rain to support nutrient absorption into the soil and through tree roots. Consulting a professional will help you avoid overfertilizing your trees, which can cause sudden growth spurts that do not give your trees sufficient time to develop strong root systems. 

Preventing Pests and Diseases

Tree pests such as the gypsy moth, spruce budworm, and the eastern and western tent caterpillars feed on tree foliage. They often completely defoliate your trees when left untreated. Trees are vulnerable to lethal foliage diseases such as anthracnose, leaf spots, and powdery mildew, which. Tree care professionals are experts at identifying signs of pest infestation and foliage diseases and know the right treatments to resolve these issues. 

Use Professional Tree Services to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Regular tree services with a certified arborist are the best solution for maintaining thriving trees. These tree doctors assess your trees’ health to determine the appropriate remedies for promoting healthy foliage. Hire a tree care company today for expert tree care services and recommendations. 

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